Last week a representative of the University of Central Florida was doing a routine walkthrough of the Theta Chi house when she came across what she deemed as a illicit substance. In a completely rational fashion, the fraternity house was immediately evacuated and the authorities, both campus and local, were called in to investigate. We imagine that it went something like this:


So what was it? Anthrax? Ricin?? Street drugs???

None of the above. It was, in fact, just a harmless protein powder. 

Now we here at College Tanks are no stranger to workout supplements, but not even the most potent preworkout on the market (which, by the way, is called Hyde) needs a hazmat crew. Unfortunately this just sounds like yet another case of swole shaming being perpetuated by the campus authorities. What's next, limited gym hours? 

So keep lifting free of discrimination, Central Florida. And don't forget to hit your arms. At least 3 times a week.  Or 5. You want to look good in your new UCF Tank Top when you start up school this fall.