Tinder's Most Right Swiped Schools

U.S. News has a new variable to Include in its (seemingly arbitrary and constantly changing) college rankings: Tinder has, by gender, revelealed its most right swiped campuses. As per Tinder, these lists was based upon male and female students enrolled in school who received the most right-swipes, showing which  schools had the most desirable student body.

Interestingly enough, the lists have very little overlap, with many of the universities on the woman's list known for their football prowess (and College Tanks inventory) whereas the men's list is probably more known for prominent politicians among their alumnus. 

Females Most Right Swiped Campuses

1. Florida State University
2. University of Miami
3. University of Mississippi
4. University of Colorado Boulder
5. University of Alabama
6. Colorado State University
7. Boise State University
8. Iowa State University
9. University of Arizona
10. University of Iowa
11. Kansas State University
12. Indiana University
13. Texas Christian University
14. San Diego State University
15. Virginia Tech
16. Miami University (Ohio)
17. Clemson University
18. Ohio University
19. University of Florida
20. University of Kentucky
21. Auburn University
22. Texas Tech University
23. Pennsylvania State University
24. West Virginia University
25. Southern Methodist University

Males Most Right Swiped Campuses

1. Georgetown University
2. Brigham Young University
3. University of Notre Dame
4. Texas Christian University
5. Air Force Academy
6. Yale University
7. Dartmouth College
8. University of Virginia
9. University of Mississippi
10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
11. United States Naval Academy
12. Brown University
13. Rice University
14. Tulane University
15. University of Vermont
16. Wake Forest University
17. Cornell University
18. University of Tennessee
19. Ohio University
20. Loyola Marymount University
21. Miami University (Ohio)
22. United States Military Academy (West Point)
23. Mississippi State University
24. Clemson University
25. Boston College

Check out Tinder blog post and detailed write up on about this list here.