Summer Fling With The One That Got Away From High School

Grease Summer Fling

You know who we’re talking about. You sat next to each other in Spanish class and constantly flirted in Spanglish which, ya know, technically is half a romance language. You would blush when your friends brought up the possibility of you dating as you both insisted you were just good friends. You ended up going to rival colleges and, outside of the occasional inside joke Facebook wall post about Señora Boyd, you haven’t seen each other in 9 months. Then, at the first big party back home over the summer, you guys bump into each other. Drinks flow, sparks fly, and boom! Next thing you know, you’re reliving Grease.

Hit the Gym

Baby Deadlifting

You had a great year. Hanging out with friends, going to parties, late night delivery from that pizza place with a name that implies drug use…but the beer and Mellow Mushroom pizza calories add up and you’ve put on a little weight. You’re not fat…you just have a little more to love. Many gyms offer deals for college students back for the summer. Just don’t forget to cancel before you head back to school, those corporate gyms are worse than your future student loan collection agents when it comes to making sure you act like a Lannister and pay your debts. After 4 months with the right workout routine, you’ll be turning heads once you get back on campus, rocking your College Tank.

Get an Internship

Intern Girls

The job search has become a catch-22 process of you needing experience to find a job, yet you need a job to get experience. You’re in a position where you have plenty of free time and little, if any, expenses. By finding an internship you have something to bolster the resume that will differentiate you from the other applicants that are waking up at noon and playing Call of Duty all night and, in this day and age, every edge you can gain helps.

Binge Watch A Show…or Eight

Netflix Binge

It’s fun. It’s free (we all know there’s only like, 18 Netflix accounts out there split among all of us). There’s enough good content to keep you entertained for the summer. Trust me, you want to get this done over summer rather than waiting until the school year. We at College Tanks had friends fail out of college because they bought the “Lost” box set.

Hang out with the Family

Simpsons family gif

You’ve matured. It’s not like high school anymore where parents are sometimes viewed as the enemy. You’ve made it through another year of school and they’re starting to see growth, and treating you more like a peer than a child. And you’ll start treating them more like peers than authority figures. And you’ll realize that…they’re actually pretty cool people! So take some nights off from your high school friends and spend some time with them, it would mean the world to them and may turn into a pretty fun night.


So congrats on making it to summer. But don't let it go to complete waste. Keep yourself busy with family, a (likely unpaid) job, and the gym. And maybe you should brush up an little on your Spanglish before someone throws the first big summer party.