LSU T-Rex Kid


We didn't know that LSU's science department was about that Jurassic Park life, but the proof is in the pudding...apparently there are actually some people stranger than Les Miles in Baton Rouge. This clip was taken during the November 2013 SEC powerhouse matchup between #13 LSU and #1 Alabama after LSU scored its second touchdown to cut the Crimson Tide lead to 3. And, although Alabama went on to defeat the Tigers 38-17, it's fair to say that the T-Rexgers had a small victory that day against extinction.

Female Alabama Fan Going All Out Luchador

Alabama Crimson Tide Fan

Alabama is normally known more for their southern bells and less for their southpaw brawlers, but this girl just wasn't having it at the 2014 Sugar Bowl between #6 Oklahoma and #7 Alabama. She was clearly upset with the Oklahoma win 45-31 win over her Crimson Tide and figured she'd go full Rey Mysterio on this poor guy. She was restrained by her fellow Crimson Tide fans shortly after this top-rope frog splash, but Chun-Li wasn't done yet...

Crimson Tide Fan Kick



Stop Girl

Stop Girl University of Arizona Wildcat

Her legend precedes her, ladies and gentlemen, the insta-meme "Stop Girl"! During a September 2010 matchup between #9 Iowa and the Stop Girl's alma mater, the #24 University of Arizona, Iowa had just scored its 20th straight point to tie the game up at 27 when the cameraman found a young girl upset as her team squandered away what was once a dominant lead. The Wildcats must have felt her optimism rise as her frown turned into a smile and a non-explative four letter word came out of her mouth, as the University of Arizona went on to beat the top 10 Hawkeyes 34 to 27...and a cult legend was born.

(Editor's Note: There are some camps out there that believe she is in fact saying "No!" to which we say that is ridiculous, and has been proven false. So just "Stop!" with that.)

The ASU Animal Twerk Team

ASU Twerk Team

ASU has taken distracting free throw shooters to the next level, as shown by their use of the "Distraction Curtain." They have plenty of good ones, butthis particular distraction takes the cake, when, as in-state rival Arizona stepped up to the free throw, the Distraction Curtain was thrown back to expose 5 twerking animals in tutus. Arizona made this particular free throw, making this less of a distraction and moreso a piece of performance art. But it wasn't all for naught, ASU won the game 81-78, with Arizona missing 6 of 14 free throws.


Slightly Upset Iowa State Fan

Bullshit Angry Iowa State Fan

I'm not quite a lipreader, but I think he's saying something along the lines of "I disagree with your assessment of the game!" This came in February 2013 as Iowa State, just 30 seconds away from knocking off #6 Kansas at home, had some calls that didn't go in their favor in route to a 108-96 overtime loss. His buddy's reaction to the on-air opinion almost warrants honorary legend status too.


Fanny Pack and the Gonzaga Gunslinger

Dancing Gonzaga Fan

Okay, there's a lot going on here, and I have a newfound respect for the Gonzaga fanbase. Let's start with the chick dancing on the right, as SHE'S ROCKING THE FANNY PACK as she does the classic 'finger point to the camera.' Here at College Tanks we're huge advocates of the fanny pack. LEGEND. But then we get to the real legend of the gif, the dude in the Gonzaga jersey who, not to be outdone by Fanny Pack's finger pointing, is FINGER GUNNING THE CAMERA, bring a little wild wild west flair to Spokane. Also, he somehow attached keys to his gym shorts? Should've gone with the fanny pack, bro


Duke Speedo Guy

Duke Speedo Guy GIF

The original college fan legend. I could go into the lore of Duke Speedo Guy and how he single handedly won the game for Duke in their 2003 matchup vs UNC, but ESPN, recognizing a true LEGEND, did a story on it here. Just check it out.