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A Life Without Sleeves: The College Tanks Story

It all started in 2013 when Brandon, a guy who had been going to the gym for all of a few months, was planning a beach day. He wanted to represent his favorite college, but also show the girls at the beach that he has been working out, all while not exposing that he basically only did curls. So, like most 20-somethings, he took to the internet! Upon searching the internet, however, he found that there was little, if any, selection for men’s tank tops for his alma mater. And the stuff that he did find was absolutely repug (short, of course, for repugnant). Curious of this, he then moved on to another college, only to find the same result.

“Hmmm…” he thought to himself for a moment. “Welp, that sucks,” he said, as he cut the sleeves off a shirt he had in his dresser.

Fast forward to June 2014 (For those of you keeping score at home, Brandon has been going to the gym for over a year now). It’s Brandon’s little brother’s birthday, and Brandon’s little brother, Jake, is a total bro. Fraternity president, Delta Gamma anchor man, Jake was a true BMOC (short, of course, for Big Man On Campus). Brandon, out of touch from these young bucks at his old (mid-20s) age, checked Jake’s Facebook for an idea for a gift, unprepared for the assault of bis and tris that would accompany a fraternity kid’s Facebook photo tab. “I got it! A tank top from his college!” Brandon exclaimed to himself, forgetful of his own 2013 endeavor into this. Once again Brandon checked the internet for a collegiate licensed tank top worth of a birthday gift and, once again, Brandon fell short.

But this time Brandon didn’t just say “Welp, that sucks” as he handed Jake a crisp $50 bill. He did some research. He made some calls. He designed some shirts. He partnered with some huge brands. And he built a site.

Now it’s 2015. Brandon has been in the gym for 3 years now, and College Tanks is now rising the ranks to become the lead provider for people looking to support their school without the pesky burdens that are sleeves.

Because, let’s be real…Sleeves suck. Get a tank.

A College Tank.